by Ed Tullett



"Sweeping falsetto, celestial electronics, and surreal lyrics" - The Line of Best Fit

"Beautiful soaring lyricism and artistry in each track" - EARMILK

"Full of autumnal moodiness...built on flickering synths that hint at foreboding" - Stereogum


Oxford-born and Brighton-bred songwriter Ed Tullett's debut album, Fiancé, is out now via Monotreme Records.

For a twenty-two year old solo artist, Tullett’s CV is remarkable to say the least; he has won acclaim for his remix of Bon Iver’s “Hinnom, TX”, which has led to further remix work with Local Natives and Ajimal. His ongoing collaborative work with Novo Amor has been praised by NPR and The Line of Best Fit. Tullett’s material has also been featured on TV shows including Pretty Little Liars, Bones and Catfish.

None of that prepares you for Fiancé, though – a rich, epic and ambitious first record. Tullett claims that he is “way past” his formative recordings, and the vast scope he demonstrates on this album – ranging from skittering R&B beats to dream pop keyboards, all held together by waves of Ed’s towering falsetto harmonies – is clearly the work of a refined creative spirit.

Across the record Tullett creates often huge, often hushed, gloomy landscapes, dripping in glistening darkness. "Saint" and menacing lead-single "Malignant" are beautifully crushing synthesized centerpieces, whilst the more organic "Posturer" and the cascading "Ply" are flooded with swells of densely layered soaring vocals, as poetically intricate as they are affecting.

Fiancé does not sound like the work of such a young artist. It also doesn’t sound quite like an electronica album, nor a folk record - it's its own spiralling, consuming entity. Having stayed under the radar for so long, Ed Tullett has emerged as a fully-formed new voice to be reckoned with.


released February 19, 2016

All songs written and performed by Ed Tullett.

© 2015 Razor & Tie Music Publishing
℗ 2015 Ed Tullett under exclusive licence to Monotreme Records Ltd

Record, produced and mixed by Ed Tullett.

Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering.

Artwork by Ricardo Garcia.
Design by Ed Tullett.
Layout assistance by Matt Dornan.



all rights reserved


Ed Tullett Brighton, UK

Fiancé out now on Monotreme Records.


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Track Name: Irredeemer
Build me on your cowardice,
build me on your cloying scent,
still beyond a buoying wealth,
will beyond destroying health,
build me on your avarice,
build me on your foreign lash,

build me on yourself.

Eerie build, weary thrill,
sex in your dress shirt,
sober for your birth.

Bleary will, barely still,
ocean curl upwards,
grandeur at your worth.

Irredeemer, quarter your soul,
mirror fever, court your older sister.
Track Name: Malignant
Short parole for everyone,
you shake a big C.
Chauffeur soul to black baton,
you shake a big C,
you make it out.

Pray by the corner,
weight-shy daughter,
we die.

Ritual stroll along chiffon,
we wake a big sea.

I know it cannot tier itself,
bliss, a shallow tease in mouth,
oh, the narrow keel of health,
drank a dapper fear, aimed out.

Caught in a rainbow drown,
taught on a payphone,
not in a paved countdown,
you caught a sea.
Track Name: Posturer
Label comely, braid on me,
blood bleed, braid on me, fade on,
holding on to plié, come holding on.

Running, fray on me,
worthy, fray on me, stay long,
colder cyst or delay, numb, older won.

Able humbly, blade on me,
bite, breed, blade on me, belong,
bribery and breathing ton, all along.

Stunning, laid on me,
sturdy silver sea, fade on,
holding on to plié, come holding on.

If ever tribal for long,
to never be primer for her,
if ever wiser for wrong,
to be fertile for her.

Primer, be primer for her,
wiser for wrong.

You bled your nerves all to one,
our hourly better dusk.
Track Name: Canyine
Keel among the decline, keel lifelong sin,
drum along the fault line, come a long way in,
truer love for canine, build a strong gay twin,
strangle up the incline, wield a spine-esque skin.

Own a mirror to see you decay,
prima donna and fevered betray, go.

In/out where you run,
a siren, a sprawling,
hymen will hold me,
allowed where you weren’t.

Breathe out collar,
see out dollar.

Drip the time,
scream it to your drunk cheeks,
to yield in your clearings,
a body of it.

We build camp,
a wrist hung like Viagra,
lust crippled in your asthma,
wed all in bright.

Haste in arcs,
built around your jawline,
fracture a disciplined eyeline,
blaze in and out.

White porcelain,
whiter porcelain daughter,
white faucet, blood.
Track Name: Saint
Peel your thumb, a lace,
pale, you stun away,
may you shun a stray,
way you shone, a phrase, afraid of coming.

You're not a saint, pyre,
you're not a saint, choir,
you're not a way to covet me.

Wear your pastel brace,
dark your bronze, a grey,
yield your calm, a grace,
air you palm, obey, obey and come in.

Ricochet around,
wreath for your body,
your pretty vowels, dour sea.
Hush the laic drown,
swoon through your eyelids,
your pretty mouth, your dowry.

You're not a saint, liar,
you're not a saint, collider,
you're not afraid to covet me.
Track Name: Kadabre
Re: cavalry: go;
weed caught in your cloak coat,
we'd quartered and sold.

I swore you’d never clone,
I wore it in a bow.
‘I want to be alone’,
a tight border in your home.

not a way for pretty blondes to hurt,
stay becoming.
not the cuter little one you’d heard,
line your stomach.

I’ve coralised lately.

still a grandeur and abandoned son,
pace your running.
a cathedral and a real love,
major numbing.

I forged you in the throne,
I wore you to the bone.
‘I want to be alone’,
a slight clawing in a throat.

Harbour arcane, amateur husband,
harbour a mauling, you built a cabaret.
Track Name: Ply
Cold waters always in quarters,
bold daughters always win authors.
Hold fervor, always inertia,
sold on murder, always observer, always skin.

Golden, let a scythe fall,
bolder when you’re bridal,
open, sheer ply all,
cold on re-arrival,
sulfur, neon idol,
hyphen, pure ply,

and in her hold you wait and see me,
and in her gold you wait and see.
Track Name: Are You Real
New low,
shallow basing,
swallow the light,
drip a basic,
swallowed the light on me.

Threw shadow, sequel,
come alive.

You come to make me.
Nouveau will make me.

bitter on a brightened floor,
aching to cut it,
idyll in a patent jaw,
bitten to be it.

I will conjure chests,
I’d cower you and I,
shiver open, crest,
still sparser in your eyes.
Track Name: Ivory
Call it all labour, brawl over the lace,
call it all a fiancé glow.
Lure it all closer, maul a sheer embrace,
call it all an anime clone.

Two-tone malaise,
condone our age and our waist,
born of our haste,
born slow.

I will wear your glow,
I will wear your blow
on my face, ‘virgin’, I’ll wager you go.
You broke a faith,
you woke ornate and un-aged,
born of a wraith,
born ghost.

Our somber ghost,
our somber ghost a fervour,
oh a further haze.

Go and I’ll stray.

You build intrigue, all
blue bathe and breed on.